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The Recruitment Royal Rumble

The recruitment Royal Rumble between Line managers, internal recruitment teams, the recruitment agency, the other panel recruiters and at time the candidates is a complex set of relationships that can create great team work, lasting relationships, competition and at times conflict (often within the same piece of recruitment). The External recruiter shows the ‘best in […]

The Rise of the Intern

In our previous post “Are you killing the recruitment consultant?” we discussed the issues encountered by a recruitment consultants when putting candidates through online skills testing. In summary, as Examagram is a free product the normal issues based around cost were removed. The blog explains that due to the nature of the recruitment industry skills testing is not always preferential due to time constraints on turnaround time. In the blog […]

Are you killing the Recruitment Consultant?

We’ve spoken previously about how Examagram is an excellent value add for any internal or external recruitment team, even those who interview all candidates face to face.  When we approach most recruitment agencies, the response is almost exclusively very good. It doesn’t  take a genius to see the commercial benefits of a free recruitment tool which allows you […]

Face or Fiction – a great recruitment myth?

There is a general consensus amongst search firms (and even some internal recruitment teams) that a face to face interview removes the need for a formal English testing assessment. Recently, we challenged a senior director from a large recruitment business to challenge their views on whether a face to face interview will always be better than an English […]

Are you a Modern Recruiter?

In a recent post written in The Undercover Recruiter, there was a very simple infographic that shows what the modern recruiter looks like. –http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/modern-recruiter-artist-scientist/. The Infographic divides the recruiter into the artist and into the scientists, demonstrating the need for recruiters to show both a creative (artistic) approach as well as a more methodical (scientific) approach. […]

A message from the creators

So we are up and running and the early signs from our growing user base are very positive. The service is reliable, user friendly and most importantly offers an accurate testing service for the users. To understand the service it is important to understand the thought and drivers behind the creation of Examagram. Having had […]